Five Bulls

High School Team Building Camp: Victoria Falls (Tatenda Safari Lodge)

Creation of Activities and Events that would assist in identifying the best, of the group in terms of leadership

This proposal is based on the following

Creation of Activities and Events that would assist in identifying the best, of the group in terms of leadership.

We propose to use the following 3 pillars as anchor of our activities

  1. TRUST

Activities will predominantly be centered in highlighting these in the individuals and assisting the group to understand the dynamics of TEAM FUNCTION.



Putting a group of individuals together to fulfill a task does not in itself mean you have created an effective team, regardless how well trained or how skilled each individual member is in their personal capacities, it does not mean they will work well with the rest of the team.

What we need today are effective cohesive teams, and not just skilled teams, in today’s fast paced environment, how effective you are as an entity is more important than how many degrees hang on your wall. When you have more than 1 person working on a task or complimenting each other to complete a particular overall goal you have a TEAM and the TEAM must work towards a singular goal.

Get the team right, and 50% of the problem is solved. Action NOT Politics.


Why Team Building (Development)?

When dealing with anyone other than yourself, there is a need to realize you are dealing with the following

  1. Diverse upbringings
  2. Diverse experiences
  3. Diverse exposures

The bigger the team, the greater the diversity, the greater the need for the team to be brought into singular alignment.



  1. Identify common goals
  2. Identify Common frustrations (enemy)
  3. Identify common roles and purposes’
  4. Identify and define team operating styles (Appreciating individuals)
  5. Team leaders responsibilities in managing the team

Team members are different people with various skills and personalities, as a team begins understanding and appreciating each other’s differences; it begins to work together more effectively than work against each other (Politics).



  • Individual reflections
  • Couples activities
  • Large and small group activities
  • Reflections and evaluations

The objective of the activities are not to find winners and losers, but to get the team working together to find solutions with each individual using their unique skill sets to achieve their goal and at the end of the day achieve success as a team.


Success Indicators

 A team building outing is an event, it WILL NOT solve the holistic work environment as team development is a continuous process, but it gets the ball rolling in terms of:

  1. Identifying current Team dynamics
  2. Understand and appreciate team members working styles
  3. Understand necessary steps needed to get the team working as a unit
  4. Assist team leaders in identifying their starting point

The present and future team leaders will need to then continuously work with their members in developing their team into an EFFECTIVE and COHESIVE TEAM.


Proposed itinerary


Day 1: Travel from Harare to Victoria Falls. Lunch in Bulawayo

          Arrive and check in


Day 2: Trust Repression               

          Session 1


          Session 2

          Session 3/School Activities


          Session 4/Reports

          End of day activities

Day 3: Inspire Pre-session

          Session 5


          Session 6/School Activity

          Session 7/School Activity


          Session 8

Review Session/Reports

Day 4: Lead session

          Session 9


          Session 10/Touring Activity (Visit to the Victoria Falls)


          Session 11

          Review session/reports

          Touring Activity (sunset cruise)

Day 5: Departure with lunch in Bulawayo

          Option to pass through Matopos after lunch




  • All meals and teas
  •  Entry and park fees
  • Facilitation fees & reports
  • 7 Chaperons (single accommodation)
  •  Lodge Accommodation (2 people sharing)
  • Touring activities (Falls Tour & Sunset Cruise)
  • Certificate



  • Transport
  • Tips and personal expenses


Finer briefing to students before departure as regards clothing, health and public liability insurance